IT Consulting

IT projects are always difficult, complex, and can be frustrating. When the fingers start pointing and the hardware guy says the problem is with the software and the software guy says it is a hardware compatibility issue; all you know is that you are stuck in the middle. Who is looking out for you? We are!

We step in as project managers, with over 25 years of IT experience; we have got your back. We negotiate contracts and help spec them out saving you thousands of dollars. We are on your team and are looking out for you.

When we spec out a project for you, we look to future-proof your investment. We want to make sure that the equipment you purchase today won’t have to be scrapped tomorrow. We also spec out your system with an eye on HIPAA compliance. Running afoul of the HIPAA policy can be more costly than a botched IT project. With over 13 years of HIPAA experience; we have got your back!

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