The penalties and fines for HIPAA non-compliance are steep as are the penalties and fines for not having a credible compliance plan in place. All compliance plans are not created equal. Handing a checklist to a staff member and asking them to fill it out does not constitute a credible compliance plan.

ith over 25 years of IT experience and 13 years dedicated to HIPAA, we bring to you the expertise required to implement a credible compliance plan. We bring a complete turnkey solution to your practice.

Complete HIPAA Compliance Package
Meaningful Use - Core Measure 15 Compliance

  • Custom HIPAA Privacy Manual
  • Custom Compliance Forms
  • Custom HIPAA Security Manual
  • Detailed Risk Analysis (with photo documentation)
  • Remediation Plan (including coordination with your IT company)
  • On Going Support
  • Staff Training (with testing and documentation)
  • Compliance Officer Training
  • 3 –5 days On-site Analysis and Training
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