Bring our experts to your business anytime, anywhere.

Remember the old saying – “A picture is worth a thousand words”

This could not be truer than in the technology field. Have you ever experienced the frustration of trying to explain to a technician that the thingamabob is doing the whatchamacalit. It leads to hours of frustration and not always a happy ending.

With our remote support, our technicians can be right there with you anytime from anywhere. By allowing us to have remote access to your computer, we can see what you see, making troubleshooting the problem quick and easy.

We are often asked if allowing remote access to your computer is safe. The answer is YES. Our remote access client software is built around the rock solid AES256 encryption algorithm. You possess the passkey. You provide your unique passkey to the technician so they can access your computer. Once the session is done, the passkey is destroyed and the next time you need assistance, your computer will generate a new, unique passkey.

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